How to Enroll your child in Hermanus Primary School

How to Enroll your child in Hermanus Primary School

What you should know about Hermanus Primary School – Find all the information you will need from enrolling your kid to what type of uniform they will need throughout the year – How to Enroll your child in Hermanus Primary School

Contact Details of Hermanus Primary

Dirkie Uys Street
Western Cape
South Africa

Phone: +27 (0)28 312-3670/80
Fax: +27 (0)28 312-3711

How to Enroll your child in Hermanus Primary School

More information and rules about the Schools Uniform

School Uniform

Uniforms must conform to school regulations

(Girls) Long hair is to be tied back.  School colour (dark green, navy blue, white) ribbons, baubles, scrunches and hair pins must be worn.

Hair must be controlled in such a way that when a girl leans forward, her hair will not be over her face.

No nail varnish or cosmetics are allowed.          

The only jewellery permitted is a suitable watch and Medic-Alert necklace or bracelet.  Girls with pierced ears may wear one small gold/silver stud or small sleeper in each ear.  No dying of hair is permitted.

Boy’s hair is to be clear of ears, eyebrows and collar, and neatly tapered and evenly graded.  (No gel allowed)          

Casual clothes worn on special days must be school appropriate.  This privilege may be revoked at the discretion of the Principal.

School tracksuits with white tackies may be worn during the winter. The zip of the track suit top must be done up at all times. No tracksuit bottoms may be worn during summer.

Grey shortsGreen dress
White shirt (short sleeves)White shirt (short sleeves)
Grey school socksWhite ankle socks
Black school shoesBlack school shoes
Blue school jersey / slipover or school tracksuit topBlue school jersey / slipover  or school tracksuit top
 Grey trousers Green dress
 White shirt (long sleeves) White shirt (long sleeves)
 Grey school socks Grey, school socks/black tights
 Black school shoes Black school shoes
 Green school tie Green school tie
 Blue school jersey / slipover or school tracksuit top / school rain jacket Blue school jersey / slipover or school tracksuit top / school rain jacket
 School tracksuit on sport days School tracksuit on sport days
Scarf (Blue available at the clothing bank)Scarf (Blue available at the clothing bank)
 School P.T.-shirt School P.T.-shirt
 Black shorts Green sports skirt
 Athletics vest Athletics vest
 Blue shorts Blue shorts
Sports P.T.-shirt/white vestSchool P.T.-shirt
Blue shortsBlue sports skirt
White socks and white tackiesWhite socks and white tackies
Sports shirtSchool P.T.-shirt
Black shortsGreen sports skirt
Blue school socksBlue school socks and white tackies
SENIOR HOCKEY (U.10, U.11, U.13)  
 Blue hockey shirt Blue hockey shirt
 Blue shorts Navy skirt
 Navy socks Navy socks
 Blue school rugby jersey School P.T.-shirt
 Black shorts Green sports skirt/green shorts
 Sports shirtPupils are encouraged to wear the school hat during the school day and after school at sport. 
 White shorts for matches
 Black shorts for practice 
 Blue school socks 
 White tackies 

Hermanus Primary School offers the following Sports

  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Gymnastic


  • Drama
  • Chess
  • Art
  • Music
  • Public Speaking

Payment Options for Hermanus Primary School Fees

Hermanus Primary School has payment options as below.

The school fees for the year would be set at R11 220.00 per learner.

One amount

As a lump sum of R11 220.00 paid before 9 February, which entitles you to a discount of R300.00 per child. (Amount therefore payable is R10 920.00)

Two payments

  • In two payments: R5 610.00 paid before 9 February (Amount payable R5 510.00)
  • R5 610.00 paid before 20 July (Amount payable R5 510.00)

                                                (A discount of R100.00 per payment)

Debit order

 R11 220.00 payable in 11 payments of R1 020.00 (Debit order only).

The first payment will be on the following 3 dates:   25 January, 1 February and 15 February 2021.

How to enroll your child in Hermanus Primary School

It is strongly advised that a child should attend a recognized pre-primary school where a good grounding may be gained prior to coming to Hermanus Primary.

School readiness is not dependent on age alone.  Many factors are regarded as important when a child is being considered for formal education.  Where there is doubt about a child’s development the matter should be discussed fully with the pre-primary teacher.


Pupils being admitted from another school (excluding pre-primary schools) should have a transfer form from that school.  Where a pupil will be leaving, one month’s notice is required.  A transfer form will be issued on the last day of attendance at the school.


It is necessary to produce a valid Birth Certificate before the child may be enrolled in our school.


Immunization against Poliomyelitis is compulsory and the parent or guardian is required under the Public Health Act to have their child immunized against Poliomyelitis.  Such immunization must be done prior to admission to the school.


In terms of the Department of Health Notice R 1754, every parent or guardian of a new-born child shall ensure that immunization against Tuberculosis of such child is commenced within six months of birth.

All admissions to schools must comply with the Act as quoted above.

To enroll your child to our school we need the following

  1. Transfer form from previous school
  2. Copy of latest report
  3. Copy of Identification Document or Birth Certificate
  4. Copy of clinic card or proof of immunization

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