Premium Advertising on Hermanus Classifieds

A real entrepreneur is somebody who has no safety net underneath them. Marketing for your business is the key to expand your customer base and Premium Advertising on Hermanus Classifieds will help you do that.

What is the difference between Free Classifieds and Premium Classifieds.

Free Classifieds give you the opportunity to advertise your products and promote your business. You can add a website link on your ad and add your contact details with a brief description of your business.

Premium Classifieds is an full page on our website. The full page give you more space which allow you to give a great description of your business, add more images, website link, social links and contact details. A premium classified acts as an alternative website page for your business and a valuable backlink to help improve your current website rankings on Google.

Another great advantage is our Search Engine Optimization. This mean that a premium classified that act as another website page for your business might be on page one on Google and remove one of your competitors from Google Page 1.

Hermanus Classifieds use Google Ads and Facebook Ads to help improve traffic to our website giving you a better result.

Free Classifieds

  • Unlimited Ads
  • Choose your category
  • 4 Images
  • SEO

Price – Free

Premium Classifieds

  • Unlimited ads in Free Classifieds
  • Backlink to your Website
  • Social Media Link
  • 8 Images
  • SEO for improved rankings
  • 8 Images
  • Automatically Shared to Facebook and Twitter
  • Free Full Page on Cape Town Business Directory

Price R399 per year

Premium Advertising on Hermanus Classifieds

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Premium Advertising on Hermanus Classifieds